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Pate de verre (Glass)

Cast Glass sculpture, mixed media and installation
Due to the special shipping requirements of glass, please contact us if you would like to enquire about the availabilty of any pieces for purchase. The works featured here represent just some of those available, more images can be sent on request.
Cast glass, wooden box, padding.

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“Talisman (for protection against foreign invaders)”

By Lee Brogan
Cast glass, recycled plate glass, bone, brass (spent bullet cartridges), metal.

For sale
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"R-evolve-r" Installation. SOLD
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"Save the Snails: Guadalcanal '44" SOLD
The works above are from the series "Caution: Live Shells". See Monograph.
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"His-Story: Always Repeats" in the collection of the James Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland.
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"Lei Me Down Finish" Private collection.
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Shells: Various. Several available. SOLD
"The Beast and the Broadsword" Installation. Approx 1 metre x 1 metre, wall mounted, 3 peices. SOLD
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For more pate de verre glass and mixed media installation click here.
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"Hold" Cast Glass. 3 piece installation.
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"Brother & Sister" Cast Glass.