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“Fluid” Series

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I have been enchanted for a year in the foam of water.
There is nothing in which I have not been.
- Taliesin b. 534AD (Welsh)

Clean water is essential to life. There is no greater truth. But water also holds the power to mesmerise us with its beauty, to hypnotise us with its rhythm, to calm and sooth and reconnect us with our own bodies and minds. Water interacting with light reveals the universe within. For a year I have been filming and photographing water in all its forms for my new body of work “Fluid” and if one can immerse ones self in the experience of watching, things not immediately seen are revealed.

This video work is both abstract and impressionistic, with layers of sound added to create a meditative quality as the elements move, merge and dissipate to the rhythm of natural forces. What is real? What is imagined?
And is there a difference?